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Transparency, Truth, and Integrity.

Election Day: May 4th.

Early Vote:

April 22th to April 30th.

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Why Kathi?


Kathi's Pillars

Primary School Desks

Parental Rights

School policies should always be in alignment with Texas Laws that specifically outline parental rights i.e., Texas Education Code and Texas Family Code


Safety and Security

Ensure adequate measures and training are in place to protect our Students and Staff.  


Academic Excellence

All students deserve a high-quality education curriculum that prepares students for success.  Our children are the future.


Educator Support

It's important to retain our qualified teachers by ensuring they receive the resources and support they need to help their students excel academically.  Compensation is another key factor to retain our teachers and draw new qualified talent.


Skill-Set Education

Provide vocational type of education beginning in Junior High.  Doing so will inspire a student to discover the hidden talents they possess and begin a pathway in becoming contributing citizens. 



Transparency and Accountability with Arlington residence tax-dollars is critical.  Budgets should be reviewed periodically to determine if there are any cost saving opportunities that can be implemented. 

It's YOUR tax-dollars.

Events Where you can Meet Kathi

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Kathi cares and wants to be a voice for you! Please complete our survey and tell us your thoughts on AISD.


Meet Kathi

I came from humble beginnings and fell under the definition of an underserved student.  Despite not having a traditional childhood and being a single mother for 13 years, it motivated me to seek and achieve a successful business career.  I was the first in my family to obtain my bachelor’s degree from Dallas Baptist University.


I retired from my thriving 26+ year business career a few years ago.  I specialize in Regulatory, Compliance, Contract Negotiations/Management, Project Management, Budgets, and Data Analytics, and I am a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt.  I am also an SMU COX School of Business Rising Latinos Leadership Alumni.


Shortly after retirement, I pursued my passion for inspiring and mentoring kids by becoming an AISD substitute.  All kids deserve academic excellence regardless of their social background.

I believe in paying it forward because the teachers I had growing up inspired me to reach for my dreams.  That is what I do when I interact with these kids.  I challenge them by sometimes saying, “Don’t you want to see what happens if you don’t give up”?  


I usually substitute JR/HS and seek out OCS assignments.  I do that to understand their story on why they are on Campus Suspension and take that opportunity to encourage and remind them that they are our future leaders and they can achieve excellence.

Kathi for Arlington
Kathi for Arlington
Kathi for Arlington
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